Taking a sensible approach to carpet cleaning is important in times like these. It is important to reserve our money where we can. That is the key though, where we can. When it comes to carpet cleaning, doing it yourself or using “hacks” that are found online are not always your greatest option. If you try a DIY, you will soon find that your carpets are resoiling faster, and they may have even wound up some damage. Damaged carpet fibers will shorten the life-span of your carpets. Save money where you can by avoiding buying a whole new carpet!

The Best Carpet Cleaner Helps put a Stop to Rapid Resoiling

Cheaper carpet cleaning services rely heavily on detergents and water to rinse your carpets. This sounds like it would be great, but the truth is that it is not. It is extremely difficult to remove soapy water deep within the carpet. This is going to leave you with crunchy carpets. Crunchy carpets happen from leftover soap. This leftover residue is a dirt maginet! You will find that you are needing your carpet cleaned soon after you just had it done. That starts to add up cost wise.

In contrast, the best carpet cleaner understands the resoiling process and seeks to avoid it at every turn. River City Chem-Dry doesn’t use soap-based cleaners, we use our Hot Carbonating Extraction(HCE) process. Along with that, the amount of water we use at River City Chem-Dry is minimal. Our goal is to leave your carpets clean, soft, and free of soapy residue. This leaves your carpets cleaner for longer.

The Best Carpet Cleaners Use the Finest Products and Tools

Getting the most precise carpet cleaner costs more money because they invest in high quality tools and products that have been proven to operate efficiently. Here at River City Chem-Dry, we have put a lot of time and energy into creating our unique HCE process.

Our technicians are carefully trained in implementing this process and using the equipment involved. Along with this, they are experts in the area of stain removal and carpet maintenance. You can trust River City Chem-Dry technicians to treat your carpets with care.

Have in mind, it does not take some special certification to call a business carpet cleaning professionals. This is why it is important to do your own research. Reading reviews is a great way to get the information you are looking for. We have many online reviews you can read through to get a feel of how other customers were satisfied.


Carpet Cleaning Special

10% Off total cleaning job – new customers
15% Off total cleaning job – returning customers

Min charges may apply. Hot Carbonated Extraction Cleaning Method. Expires 08/04/24.  Call River City Chem-Dry at (509) 588-0668.


Area Rug Cleaning Special

$1 sq ft for Area Rug Cleaning

Min charges may apply. Hot Carbonated Extraction Cleaning Method. Expires 08/04/24. Call River City Chem-Dry at (509) 588-0668.



Free bottle of carpet spot cleaner when you buy protector at your cleaning.

Min charges may apply. Hot Carbonated Extraction Cleaning Method. Expires 08/04/24  Call River City Chem-Dry at (509) 588-0668.

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